High-Quality, Long-Lasting Wigs

FOLLEA of Bevery Hills is globally recognized as the industry leader in quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Using only the highest grades of hair and the gentlest processes attainable, FOLLEA sets the standard for beautiful, long-lasting added hair products.

We invite you to experience FOLLEA hair for yourself at our salon—its look, feel, luster, style-ability and manageability—and then let us work with you to create a customized wig solution, tailored to your situation, needs and desires.

The FOLLEA Collection

Lifestyle 2
Lifestyle 2
  • 100% hand tied: each hair sewn by hand
  • Featuring “French Top” hidden knot work
  • Attachment by tape, clip or combs
Aero 2
Aero 2
  • Special open lace front for incredibly natural hairline
  • Unique Soft-Fit™ head-hugging cap
  • Best-in-class “EP” European hair
Gripper 2
Gripper 2
  • Medical grade silicone Gripper panels for a secure, confident, comfortable fit
  • Ideal for women with little to no hair
  • Available in two cap designs: cool (casual) and sport (active)
Gripper Kids
Gripper Kids
  • Designed specifically for kids—the most active hair wearers
  • All the Gripper Sport features, sized just for children
  • No taping or gluing to let kids be “regular” kids


F-MONDE is the world’s first ultra-premium multi-ethnic hair brand. This new collection features FOLLEA’s World Preferred™ hair—the best naturally wavy hair available, sourced from the best collectors around the world. The result is a world-class multi-ethnic wig and hairpiece collection.

Available in:

  • Two textures: Naturally Wavy and NaturPerm™
  • 6 colors: including the new Ombre, exclusive to F-MONDE
  • 3 cap options: Aero, Gripper Cool, and Gripper Sport
  • 5 lengths: from 8” layered/13” overall to 18” layered/23” overall

To learn more about the FOLLEA and F-MONDE wig collections, please contact us or visit the Follea website.