FOLLEA® of Bevery Hills is globally recognized as the industry leader in quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Using only the highest grades of hair and the gentlest processes attainable, FOLLEA® sets the standard for beautiful, long-lasting added hair products.

We invite you to experience FOLLEA® hair for yourself at our salon—its look, feel, luster, style-ability and manageability—and then let us work with you to create a customized wig solution, tailored to your situation, needs and desires.

The FOLLEA® Collection


Lifestyle 2

  • 100% hand tied: each hair sewn by hand

  • Featuring “French Top” hidden knot work

  • Attachment by tape, clip or combs


Aero 2

  • Special open lace front for incredibly natural hairline

  • Unique Soft-Fit™ head-hugging cap

  • Best-in-class “EP” European hair


Gripper 2

  • Medical grade silicone Gripper panels for a secure, confident, comfortable fit

  • Ideal for women with little to no hair

  • Available in two cap designs: cool (casual) and sport (active)

Gripper Kids.png

Gripper Kids

  • Designed specifically for kids

  • All the Gripper Sport features, sized just for children

  • No taping or gluing to let kids be “regular” kids



F-MONDE is the world’s first ultra-premium multi-ethnic hair brand. This new collection features FOLLEA’s World Preferred™ hair—the best naturally wavy hair available, sourced from the best collectors around the world. The result is a world-class multi-ethnic wig and hairpiece collection.

Available in:

  • Two textures: Naturally Wavy and NaturPerm™

  • 6 colors: including the new Ombre, exclusive to F-MONDE

  • 3 cap options: Aero, Gripper Cool, and Gripper Sport

  • 5 lengths: from 8” layered/13” overall to 18” layered/23” overall